Friday, August 29, 2008


Ok, people when I wasn't lazy, I had a writer's block...So what do I do when I have nothng to write about? Just write about anything...Nah...So then what...I dont write...Convenient solution I tried inventing an 8th sin to add to the 7 already discovered centuries ago...didnt work...every sin I thought was inventive and unaccounted for in the cleverly thought out earlier categories, fell short of brilliance...So I tried PROCRASTINATION ( anyone who thinks its a sin? ) procrastinated finding the 8th sin...procrastinated writing...procrastinated taking a stand about my life and career....the result...well, i ended with a writers block... So now I have to resort to spring cleaning my brain..tap the laptop keys a couple of times, to get the non-news words flowing...perhaps, there is a mathematical formula that can explain my writers block...considering that it could be inversely proportional to the amount of words I end tapping out to ensure that the fat cheques I dole out to the credit card companies to keep myself afloat in Mumbai dont bounce... I read somewhere that if you starve yourself to lose weight, you might just end up putting on weight...If this blogging is the food for the soul...then I have been on a myself...and since the last time I blogged, my monthly pay check has got fatter...but guess mental health has gone for a toss...So theres one more reason why you shouldnt diet... did that make made perverse sense to me...doesnt look really lucid and clear on paper or rather on the monitor...hmmmm..wasnt i telling u about mental health? Ok, so spring cleaning is happening...everyone is welcome...pitch in...clear the mess in my three decade old brain...and help me clean the junk...