The journalist had her story to tell of a journey that has been fun, to say the least...

From a student of Mass Communication to a broadcast journalist and then back to hitting the books with a mad dose of travelling thrown in...That's been life so far, in a nutshell. 

Along the way picked up the art of creating pictures with words. 

Boring meetings led me to learn how to type thoughts out faster on QWERTY mobile keypads. Some of the posts you find here have been written while being bored out of my head. 

Dabbled in painting for a while, loved it thoroughly but realised that I could paint infrequently but could not stay away from scribbling...

That's how  Word Sketches was born. 

Though initially this blog was my way to editorialise news events and current affairs, these days it's more my personal constant companion as I began my second innings as a student in a University in UK....and later now, its become a kitschy collection of everything that crosses through my head at any given point of time.

Some posts are whimsical, others quiet walks down memory lanes and a few are crusading rants. Take your pick..there is something for everyone here!