My Life 365

This is my new project - a challenge I have set myself to come up with 365 'post-lets'

"My Life 365 - As of the first day of May, I aim to start a chronicle. Most days, the posts might be better dubbed as post-lets, tiny vignettes. I shall endeavour to post a photograph along with the post as well. 

Some thoughts will be borrowed, others blue, some old and others new - and no, I'm not on a wedding chronicle mode either... I guess it will shape itself as I proceed. This is a series I aim to complete in 365 days - no more, no less. If there are days when I have a longer story to tell you, I shall continue with my other posts as well. Compulsions are compulsions and this blog is my whipping horse. Some days to soar with the wind wild in my hair, on others to canter. " 

May 1: The Whirling Dervishes of Istanbul

May 2: The Hunt for Chocolate Nirvana

May 3 : Stinky Smelly NO DURIAN NO

May 4: Lost Innocence, Lost Memories

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