Sunday, October 25, 2009


When the cold nip in the air,
Strum the ears sharply,
Each breath you take,
Rises to heaven in silent smoke
Know autumn has turned the corner

When the trees mourn the warmth
Shedding leaves, ladies in mourning,

The final blaze of colours, a reminder
Come spring, we will be young again

As the feet crunch the carpet of leaves
The air folds a cold towel over the earth
Winter keeps knocking, an impatient traveler
I tell autumn, Stay a while longer

Let me revel a last time in Sun’s shy caresses
Let my nose smell your pungent pines
Let me collect my last scraps of colours
Before you paint my land in white


  1. My dear Deepthy,

    Now you'll know why Shelley sang,
    "If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?"

    (Get a fine book in the library: "Red Shelley"."

    The sun and we shall always wait for you -- in India.

    Study hard and well. Survive and thrive.

    Peace and love,
    - Joe.

  2. Thank you so much Joe, I love the comments you leave on my notes. By the way, this is my first attempt at poetry. Somehow Prose wasn't agreeing with my thoughts and poetry is an alien genre..:)

    Im not so sure, there will be many poems on the blog, but the photographs are all mine, taken in hyde park, green park and my own Sussex Backyard - the South Downs. :)

  3. Deeps, a suggestion. I thin you can take that picture of fallen leaves on the ground, and turn it into painting when you find time. What do you say?

  4. This winter deeps you should do as we always thought of doing in Mumbai...Try a barbaque in open with your friends..Should be a good treat..and nice fun...

  5. Yes, sathish, that's a wonderful suggestion. there's another picture that was taken in kerala, you will find it in one of the later blogs, of a path through a thicket..thats the one im dying to turn into a painting...

    And talking of paintings, managed to find pictures of some of my old works..Watch out, ill post it soon!! ;)

    Mustu: Tumhare bina woh raunak kahan, barbecue mein??