Friday, June 18, 2010

Stolen Slice of Sussex Summer

This is part 2 of Brighton on My Blackberry Series

Every now and then I see a compelling frame that I must record for posterity. Some moments captured to remind me of the good one year I spent in the lovely English countryside of Sussex.
I have often spoken of how I love to watch the English sky. It is magical, very often as you drive along, you feel the sky is awaiting your arrival in the horizon, with the clouds spreading a fluffy blanket for you to step on. I have never felt the sky so close to the earth in India.  My Europeans friends mock me, but I have taken atleast a 100 pictures of the Sky. Shall post more if you share the craziness
By the way, did you think I sneaked in an Indian picture? This is the only picture I treated a bit with Picasa. Just to fool you a bit. 
No, this is no Indian Palace, but the Royal Pavillion in Brighton which was built by the Prince Regent as his summer retreat in the style of an Indian Mahal in the early 19th century. The first time I saw this building, there was a connect..inexplicable, profound.  
Doesn’t this look like a picture postcard? It is the church on the estate near the University. This is the Stanmer Church which stands opposite the Stanmer House. 
My friend and I go for walks on every summer morning…We take new paths everyday, a little exploration. The other day, I met him – more inquisitive about me than I was about him
And this little lady, shied away from my constant 'bug'ging. But I wouldn’t let her hide her face, I persisted till she gave me a little peek
There are still some more months left in the Brighton journey. More pictures will be posted here. If you liked them, don’t forget to drop me a word. Enjoy!!


  1. absolutely gorgeous captures of breathtaking landscapes! wonderful use of available light!
    would love to see plenty more!!

  2. Lovely pictures...yes we can see the sky quite clearly here and does feel closer. Maybe it is because we so not have skyscrapers and tall buildings to hide can see meadows and rolling hills..

    Do post more pictures :)

  3. Thank you, Magiceye and Lazy Pineapple. I will come up with a third set soon hopefully. I always feel if we drive faster we can reach the clouds quite easily :)

  4. Ah the gorgeous English countryside.
    And you really fooled us with the "Royal Pavilion" pic. It does look stunning.

  5. Nice photographs.
    I liked the horse one best.
    Is is blackberry camera?
    You should definitely consider getting a SLR.

  6. Beautiful, just absolutely gorgeous..
    and look at that horse, he's so handsome lol ;)..

  7. Lovely photos - loved the lighting - a shot clicked at the right time enhances the picture.

  8. The first 2 pics are awesome and the pic of Horse is really nice....

  9. Thanks Pankaj. I do use an SLR, but these are all pictures taken at times when I wasn't prepared for a picture taking session. :) Blackberry cameras are pretty good for 'must-capture-this' moments..

  10. Purba: I'm glad I wasn't the only one foxed by the first sight of the Royal Pavillion. It's beautiful..It also happens to be the logo of the Brighton and Hove Council..:)

    Pooja: Thanks..That horse was in fact so cute, he saw me standing by the hedge and I believe he was so domesticated that he felt I might be standing there to feed him something. Came steadily towards me and waited by the hedge, unfortunately I had nothing on me for him..:(

  11. Gyanban: Thank you..England is such a photographer's delight.

    A Beautiful Mind - :) I love the horse picture too..Thank you

  12. The pics are lovely and the sky is absolutely wonderful. Can't wait for more picture postcard stuff! I loved the ladybug pic! :)

    PS You have the most brilliant smile that elicits one from me every time I see it. :) Keep smiling!

  13. Great pictures - your English sky seems very familiar, here in Seattle.
    I have heard London and Seattle have very similar weather. hmmm....

  14. beautiful pictures...
    yes beauty is in the eyes of the beholder...
    an artistic eye would always find something which is beautiful and interesting...


  15. Zephyr: Thank you, big big smile..:)

    Grayquill: I live about an hour away from London. I think Brighton is prettier, though much smaller. I remember a couple of my American friends comparing the weather here to that in Florida.

    Jyothisethu: Thank you, welcome to my blog.

  16. i love the picture of stanmer church.. soo pretty!! :)

  17. Some really great photographs, there. :)

  18. The pictures are all very beautiful, especially the royal pavillion (the sky in it looks very hdr-ish).
    I think they would looks super-beautiful if you tweaked the brightness/exposure in some of teem. Well I'm just saying. They're beautiful anyway. I'd love to see more pics in the future!

  19. Nice pictures.English country side is so green.I always wonder,how this small country can afford to have so many sports clubs and that much grounds.But yeah as you said when i watch english football,just as the rain and chilly winter,the sky looks beautiful.

  20. Angel, Nithin: Thank you, Welcome to my blog :)

    Magali: I rarely edit my photographs on Picasa. My college photography professor was the old school who believed that what you shoot is what it should be. Inadvertantly followed that..:) Then again, never knew my Blackberry camera would yield such good results. Will try tweaking it soon, if the results are good, I'll put them on with courtesy to you for a smart tip..:)

  21. Beautiful pictures wonder you love walking in the summer! =)