Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Things Left Unsaid, Incomplete

I write to seal holes...vacuum that needs to be filled with words or occasionally when the burden of thoughts become too heavy for the mind, unburdening is sometimes relief, other times necessary...Poetry has never been effortless for me..But some words left by the wayside beg to be pasted somewhere, kept pressed between pages...preserved for memories are precious, they are signposts of a life well lived, well loved. 

She says: 

On a cold windy blistered summer morn,
a cup of tea, handful of memories,
Some golden oldies, some untarnished love,
along a path, i like this solitude,
Dropping off parcels of love, on the way,
standing to sip some, smiling away others..
i live..i love..i let live...

He responds:

You live, you dont let know unless you tell
You tell because you want to let know
You think you let live because you live and let know
i know because you tell
i live because i know
i die when i dont know
you let me live by letting me know
you tell me cos you know
i live wanting to know
you dont know that ive died several deaths because
i dont know things i wish i knew.
i. you, i, you, i, you....
life is beyond it...but i wish i will know what to do with this knowledge before you knew that i cease to exist no more.


  1. A bit of it seems so Me...and then am lost somewhere in between some of the other lines.

  2. KG: Thanks..it started light..never knew where it accumulated the heaviness...

    CC: I know...we rarely know his perspective, do we? :)

  3. Lovely...I like the heaviness...The depth...Makes it kinda enchanting...Beautiful...

  4. Choco: :) now you know why it had to be downloaded..:)

  5. Lady, doesn't that remind me of the Metaphysicals? Keep it up.

  6. :) Brought a smile on my face. I so love it when I see an intellectual conversation between two intelligent beings. Loved reading it. Keep writing, rather keep "sketching with your words"! ;)