Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Its a Year!!! Grins and Groans..

It's autumn in England..that reminds me it is over a year since I uprooted myself - or must I say temporarily transplanted myself to the land of our colonisers...

Hmm..that somehow seems like a weird statement now, a year here has made me appreciate a lot many good things this country has taught me. Even the food that I have much maligned in a number of posts over the past year, I am suddenly feeling gracious towards that too..

Let me make a quick top-of-the mind count of all things old and new that I rediscovered in this year in Britain.

If any of you would like to look back at your year ( a couple of months ahead of the New Year to ensure that the damned tag of resolutions or reminiscence isn't an unnecessary burden)I'd love to turn this post into a tag. I don't know if anyone would be keen to do it or if enough people would read this blog to keep the tag on, but whoever reads this and feels predisposed to list out their top 12 grins or groans - consider yourself TAGGED!!!

1. GRIN AFTER GROAN - I have befriended the washing machine and learnt not to turn all my whites into pinks or a darker colour by conveniently forgetting to sort out the only thing that could have bled its colour.

2. GROAN AFTER GRIN - I have learnt that being independent is not exactly the great, euphoric feeling, it is often written to be - try lugging your weekly shopping up 50 stairs

3. GROAN AFTER GROAN - The lard that I was sure I will completely shed continues to latch on to me adamantly despite half-hearted attempts to shake it off

4. GRIN AFTER GROAN - Great gang of international friends with some mean culinary tricks up their sleeves that made the year a gastronomically profitable year ( however that GRIN was wiped out by GROANS from point3)

5. GRIN AFTER GRIN - England darshan - travelling on a student card, on what is considered as dirt cheap in England terms but prettttty expensive with a heavy sigh by Indian rupee rates..the last clause notwithstanding, there have been great trips and great times

6. GROAN AFTER GROAN - The cumbersome and sometimes irritating habit of automatically converting pounds into rupee and rupee into pounds, just compounds the feeling of Student Poverty...

7. GRIN AFTER GROAN - Discovering instant curries and gravy that can instantly transform dinner..increased culinary repertoire quite a bit - helping me expand my menu from European yumm-capitals to the little pocket boroughs of South East Asia

8. GROAN AFTER GRIN - Proximity to London from Brighton brought such a big grin on my face in the first couple of months..and then it struck me that Southern Railways that normally promises great tickets and discounts normally have some catch to their prices on days when I sorely need a cheap ticket.

9. GROAN AFTER GROAN - Having to fold and re-fold my retail ambitions to fit into my tiny purse. Pounds don't stretch enough to allow price tags to become irrelevant. I even tried shutting one eye, imagining that I saw the price tag wrong and peeking at it through the other eye - that by the way, doesnt fudge or smudge numbers!!

10. GRIN AFTER GRIN - Wine is dirt cheap if you were to compare the prices of those good bottles of red and white for which you uncomplainingly dish out a few five hundreds..

11. GRIN AFTER GRIN - Realising the true worth of self in a crisis - staying truly away from family and friends help you assess yourself objectively. It gives you a good measure of how you react to situations - individually without having the safety net of near and dear ones or the familiar locales of the cities of your country for an added boost.

12. GROAN OR GRIN?!!! - The year away from home, far far away from family and the comforts of being pampered and looked after - but the learning curve - do I want to trade that in? I guess not!!

I'd say my year has been more about GRINS than GROANS..if I do groan, it is to ensure that my grins don't lull me into a zone where the value of a grin is forgotten..:) 

I'm looking forward to who accepts this tag. If you do, don't forget to leave me a message. I want to read what you guys come up with...

In anticipation...


  1. Nice Post D :) Staying a different country definitely helps you change your perspective. I am glad that you have embraced this learning curve with so many grins :)

  2. Still grinning at all your grins and groans ;)
    But like you said, if it were all grins, it wouldn't have been half as much fun! Not sure if I'll take up your tag, but if I do will sure keep you informed :D

  3. My dear Deepthy,

    Good try.

    I think the "grins and groans" format, which you've chosen to re-count your year gone by, pins your flair down. Go for free flow.

    "Every man's memory is his private literature." -- Aldous Huxley.

    So unravel your memory, dear Deepthy. Lay it out for us to luxuriate in.

    Peace and love,
    - Joe.

  4. Loved reading it Deeps!! superb :)

  5. Aha what an interesting tag you've made. I might have some difficulty in filling it up in the most amusing way you have. But I'll try for sure.
    Btw Journomuse here's a request...if you like my entry for the 'Share Life' contest pls do help me by casting a vote. But vote only if you like the post.
    Another not vote for posts you do not like even if you get spammed on your blog with requests from everyone. This will help judge a contest in a fairer way!
    Thanks! :-)

  6. Thank you so much guys..

    V: A friend of mine came up with Grins, Groans and Groins..;)

    Joe: Free flowing prose it is!!

    Zubin: You must try to write your personal grins and groans too..Im not even hinting at groins..:)

    Sam: Your vote is in!!

  7. a beautiful introspective post...

  8. An interesting way to as a series of grins and groans.

  9. Life is a series of grins and groans...and some of us groan oh so loudly!...had so much fun reading!

    When I first came to this small dusty conservative town of Nellore, I thought I will not get thru it alive but now I am as Nellorian as a Nellorian can be! Every place grows on you! and if it doesn't, it is you yourself who is the problem! Learnt the language and speak like a native...people forget I am a Malayalee! I cook Telugu food better than a Telugu...especially fish pulusu! So it has been grown(a loud one)but grins ever after for me!

  10. Loving it...your memories are taking me down the memory lane as well...:)

  11. I loved going through your grinning groans LOL.
    Somehow the tagger has been tagged already in my post...
    Early detection breast cancer = grin
    late detection = groan

  12. Thank you all....Farila: That was a lovely groan and grin...:) but keep grinning, you are a tough cookie!!!


    Nalini: Yeah, you are the champion of us Malayali women...Grin grin grin

    25Bar: Autumn indeed, Brrrrr...

    Purba, Magiceye: Introspection makes me Grin post Groan..:)