Wednesday, November 03, 2010


I suddenly realised the refrain that 'People its been a while since I last posted' has been turned into a cliche..but honestly I think it is time I took a break, soul searched and ruminated over whether this blog needs to be revamped and the issues I talk about turned a little more general..less like a personal diary and more about things I am currently working with and dealing with. I am currently inundated with work, which leaves me with little time to do justice to my Word Sketches..

So I guess in all fairness, I must take a break, recoup, reassess and re-strategise.
Hope some of you will stop by time and again to check up on me as I will on my favourite bloggers and blog posts...:)

and as always, feel free to write to me...I would want to be part of your blogger lives as I can...

for now, adios amigos


  1. Good luck to you and looking forward to your come back with a bang, after the break! Cheers.

  2. Take a well-deserved break, Deepthy.

    Restore yourself and come back. Till then, I will miss your word sketches.

    Peace and love,
    - Joe.

  3. Deepthy,

    You will be missed :( but understood a break is needed by all. I look forward to a revitalised re-energised set of postings when you are ready. In the meantime, enjoy your "break" and my very best wishes in your hunt for the next challenge...

  4. Ahhh... Not good. :|

    Lemme go browse through some older posts then. :)