Monday, December 12, 2011

An Abandoned Blog: Wanderings, Musings

It is not that I have nothing to write anymore...I got lost in finding what I wanted to do, but forgot that unless you kept your online journal, inspiration does not fall like a coconut on your head ( Newton was lucky..and thank god, it was an apple!)

In Kerala, the state I am from, there are no apple orchards, we have coconut groves. If I were to sit under the dubious shade provided by one of them and wracked my brains, I'd possibly end up with a concussion and no Inspiration..Ok, on that rather dumb PJ-ish word is a quick update..

The blog has moved from the picturesque locales of Brighton, UK to the whiney hustle and bustle of Mumbai..Why whiney? Because I'm two years older than I was when I last fantasised about the warmth and the flavours of India while I braved my first snow and winter in the UK. Now that I'm back to sweaty, earthy home turf - the charm of nostalgia has palled considerably.

My blogging community is also likely to have altered completely. I'm not sure who reads me anymore, though I see a lot of activity on my visitor's pages. Do give a shout out, if you are there and reading this...We need to familiarise ourselves with each other over again..

Regular musings and postings will follow...haven't decided what the nature of the posts will be..But I don't like working on multiple drafts before posting on the journal...

So its going to be an impromptu ride! Saddle on, my cycle is rickety and the journey will be long, but let's have fun..


  1. for indian readers, you should be there, sharing what we are able to have in our fantasy...

    that should not discourage because scope for exploration and writing is there always, wherever you are...

  2. Thanks Giri and Jyothisethu..:) We shall reconnect over the coming days..:)

  3. Welcome back! I wasn't sure if you would return but glad to see you back! :D