Monday, April 02, 2012

A Shoe Story - A Tale of Mamma and Me!

A few weeks ago, one of my favourite bloggers and also people ( though the second part precedes the first even if I haven't written it in that order)asked me what were the chances that I'd be a Guest Blogger on hers? Now, deep in the heart, I had little fireworks going off, because Cybernag is one of the better bloggers in the Indi-blogosphere currently. She reminds me so much of my Amma that very often my reaction to her posts are often responses I'd make to my own mother.

 Now when she asked me to write a post, I didn't have to think much. There was a story waiting to be told - of a woman who not only inspires me but completes me and without whom, to repeat the rather well-clobbered cliche, I wouldn't be in this world. Yes, so I'm also a card carrying member of the 'I Adore my Mother' community.

 I'd love for you to read the piece. It's not fair that I reproduce the entire piece here, so I shall leave you with a teaser and hope that you do read the post and as always I would love to hear your thoughts. The post is A Shoe Story . Please click on the title and you shall be transported instantaneously to Cybernag's blog.

Now here's the teaser I promised -

My mother was a Bata woman. Her only pair of footwear was sensible and lasted a long time. By contrast, I am a collector of shoes. Each pair that I own is worn after careful thought because it is an extension of my personality, a reflection of my mood, an assertion of my quirkiness and by virtue - my individuality.

Do do read the whole post. Here it is once again - A Shoe Story...

PS: Have I been away for so long that my Blogger setting looks like someone came and WordPressed their way through the site! I am not sure if it is just me or there are others who feel a bit disoriented too. As usual, my lame excuses can't extend to more than work..Oh and a bit of travel, which will continue through April too...I won't go for months on end like last year where I was just plain hibernating, that's a promise. Besides, what I am about to do over the coming months, is tell you about all the travel I have been doing and I have done a fair bit of it.