Friday, May 23, 2008

Time just flies....

Just yesterday, I felt a need to write..what..i dont know...But i wanted to. I suddenly remembered my that had been part of my resolution..But who knew the writing that pays my bills would keep this writing at much so that this little blog has become an unwanted little nobody who hangs around, somewhere pricking your conscience because you are ignoring him, but you know you just dont have the time for polite niceties... But whats the big problem in penning a couple of lines every day..on the face of it nothing, but then again...but its one of those procrastinated jobs...resolve: to improve the frequency of blogs the thought for the week however the world getting too perverted..too sadistic? this week, my role as a journalist, exposed me to two macabre faces of humanity...i dont use the word macabre else can you explain a young actress helping her boyfriend chop up her lover into 300 pieces? And then carry those in two bags to the end of nowhere to burn and destroy the evidence? did they really think they could get away with it? murder in the fit of rage, yeah, that can still be comprehended...but this kind of cruelty...what kind of perversion of mind allows for such cruelty.... and then again..the story of a 14 year old girl, murdered by her own...what is honour killing? when you stand in a court of law, having to admit you killed your own, what kind of honour have you preserved? The shock value of each murder reported these days seemed to be just getting worse....Each incident makes me sick in the stomach and sicker at heart...and having to cut and chop these incidents into palatable forms for India to hear, digest and even tut-tut over...each day sometimes seems like a never-ending assignment... But then India has to know...know of what hypocritical society we are turning to be...embracing the West, but harping about honour killing.... Politics and mudslinging and sting operations showing bribes being given and taken seems so civilised next to these stories..... Wonder where we are headed?


  1. The case of the 14-year-old is a confusing one. Based on the public record thus far, it is difficult to ascertain whether these were dishonor killings.

    Ellen R. Sheeley, Author
    "Reclaiming Honor in Jordan"

  2. Hmm..thats right ellen, its indeed dishonour...But know whats worse, the definition of honour...Whose honour, who defines, does the society approve? Do they in any way endorse? In a democratic world, where even a newborn child has its birthrights clearly defined, rights are being violated? So rights weigh over honour or vice versa?

  3. Glad you're writing again! Hopefully u'll be more regular! *grin*
    About where we are headed, I have nothing to say. I'm most shocked coz seemingly ordinary people (not thugs or criminals) are resorting to murder. Has it become that easy? Do we have no value for life?
    I wish this was a better world for my child!