Monday, May 17, 2010

A Note From Me to Myself....

Its been over six days since my last post...I have been breathless, meeting deadlines, trying too much in too little time...being a little greedy in my attempt to cram 28 hours of living in 24 hours. I used to be an expert at this, till not long ago...Not anymore.

But life in Britain has made me a little lax, I think....I like my weekends, I like my breaks, I like my little 'intellectual time outs'. But over the last week, I took on just a little too much on my plate...tried juggling work and my dissertation and a couple of trips to London. 

Net result: Breathless and a sudden feeling of being out of control....Moreover, I haven't posted too...So I haven't heard from e-friends I have gotten so used to hearing from. Nor have I had the time to listen to them or read their posts...Time to make amends..

So what are my thoughts for today? Well, it has to be something I have been planning for sometime...It was to be a daily affair...but then remember, I'm in the process of setting up a Procrastinator's Anonymous.

A hasty note from me to myself....( Well, I can imagine atleast some of you chuckling to yourself, wondering when is it that my blog is not about me and only mumbled response is this is my online diary...I'm glad I can share it with you as long as you bear with me...( rhymes too, doesn't it?) Bracket in bracket..too many thoughts cramping the head...)

For my thinking convenience and of course your reading ease, I shall bullet point the notes ...Works best...I shall aim for ten and refresh them with fresh perspective in the coming weeks. 

  1. Try to take only so much work that you can finish without whining, pining or moaning about no time
  2. While cramping your day with 15 Things to Do, also remember to include cleaning the pig sty you call your room.
  3. Having too much work on hand is no excuse to calling 'reheating readymade food in the microwave' as cooking.
  4. Endless cups of chai and fruit bread that proclaims itself to be 1 out of 5 servings of fruit that you need everyday are not healthy balanced meals.
  5. Being caught with too many unanswered messages on Facebook and hating the pile of messages that need to be answered is no reason to hypocritically begin a group "I hate Facebook"
  6. Looking out of the window and enjoying a sunny day and imagining the walk that you should be taking to exercise your lardy self does not constitute excersise
  7. Refusing to let your brain comprehend theories that bored academics spent all their lives crafting will not ease your path to the dissertation that is currently the bugging the living daylights off you.
  8. Not being able to afford half a day in a spa or an evening eating your favourite but expensive Greek cuisine cannot be slotted as victimisation by a cruel society
  9.  Finding more excuses to justify your current state of misery is not going to make your present any more desirable or your future any better. 
  10. Stop making these stupid notes and get back to doing something more constructive, you lazy ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


PS : Thank you Hugh Prather for a nice title to happily distort and the picture to someone on the Net...If you hate that I used it, please send me a message and I shall dutifully take it off...the fact that I happily ripped it should be taken as Imitation is the Best Form of Flattery...


  1. hmmm...D you have bit more than you can chew..I think most of us do that sometimes in our life. Juggling different chores can be exhausting.

    Your e friends have not abandoned least not me :) I was wondering why you have not posted in some time but figured that you are neck deep in work...

    FB addiction is a huge waste of time in my opinion...mostly my FB is crowded with people I knew once upon a friends can reach me on my I just go there a couple of times a day for a few minutes...maybe you should try that :)

  2. perfect reflection of a 'short of breath' mind! :)

    cheers! show the brits how mumbaikars multitask!

  3. LP: Thank you for the shout of confidence..Days seem to be ending even before it began...
    Magiceye: I shall keeping the Mumbaikar tradition alive in Brighton..:)

  4. Ahhh...Loved your little list...Specially points 2,4,5,6..What the heck! Almost all the points! :)

    And don't sweat it. I am sure that your awesome sense of comic timing, will help you pull through and also get you that half a day in the spa, very soon. :)

  5. :) Ahhhh...the 'Choco'late therapy just worked on Brighton's Breathless Babe!! :)

  6. Wow! loved your wit and perfect sense of humor in a rant post :)
    You've got a cool blog here and I am liking it a lot :)

    Take it easy girl it happens with all of us and yes just so often as well.

    Take a deep breath, give a cheerful smile and get set go :D :D


  7. Know where you are, just got off that wheel two weeks ago....and am getting on the dissertation wheel soon, please god. Gluttons for punishment?

    Good luck getting it all done!

  8. Hey!

    Good to see you back! Loved this post, i guess its true for everyone today. I recently came out of this rut myself and was seeing myself avoiding people!

    The best is to just confront them one by one, and move on! No use, letting them just pile up!


  9. Chatterbox: Thanks for the pep talk...:) and hope to have more chats with you on more pleasant topics...Shall keep the humour bone well insulated till then...

    Sangitha: If there was only a dissertation that was on my plate, I'd have shoved it somewhere like I tuck away desserts..Gluttons indeed..;)

    Vinni: Nice to see you here...thanks buddy...I realise I need to tackle things head on..but then there's some block somewhere..I'll get to it..just that it has to be sooner than later...btw,keep posting, loved your Chrysler savari...

  10. A lifetime award awaits you on my blog. Puhleeez come and collect it...

  11. Nice blog! I liked your style of ranting! I can perfectly understand how it is to be swamped by 100 different things all requiring urgent attention! :) You will do fine, just take easy. :)

  12. Zephyr: Thanks a lot..I take a breath in and watch it whoooosh out...:) and then I wonder how I could waste three precious seconds when there's still a mountain of work left to conquer..:)

  13. I see the busy life is taking a toll on you. I can't advice on how to cope up with that as you might have understood, my forte is on how to be lazy for which I am an expert. I see you're obsessed with ellipses.
    If you do make a group called I hate fb, I might consider joining but someone has to take up the initiative.

  14. Analyst: I think you have figured out my curve in life..:) its like a boomerang, before I know I have lost it, it comes back with a vengeance.. the truth is I'm hypocritical..I love FB when it isnt bombarding me with info I don't want..and on weeks I have no time for anything, it irritates even more..but i'd rather crib than be trigger happy and regret..:) procrastinators..well, we need to toss a coin on who ends up beginning it...

  15. Thanks Anulal, Welcome to my Blog..:)

  16. Nice.
    It does seem like you're trying to cram a lot into your schedule.
    But don't be stressed out. Just keep posting!

  17. D2: Cheers...I intend to do just that, hopefully by the end of next week, I can sit back, put my feet on the desk and think about being a 'lady of liesure'...its often nothing but bad time management..:)

  18. My dear Deepthy,

    I had kept time off to reply. Now that I am free for the next two weeks or so, here goes.

    Please tell me what you mean by:

    "Refusing to let your brain comprehend theories that bored academics spent all their lives crafting will not ease your path to the dissertation that is currently bugging the living daylights off you."

    I hope you have finished your dissertation.

    Peace and love,
    - Joe.

  19. Hehe, Joe, that means that I have an instinctive mind block to processing theories..the same way I decided I hate business reporting. I consider most of them to be the creations of bored academics and it never makes practical sense to me. So I have to keep telling myself that beginning with that mindset won't help me get the ship called dissertation till some harbour..:)

    Dissertation is just beginning. The research proposal and outlines have been submitted. Now the big task of beginning a mammoth 15000 word research paper begins..