Monday, May 10, 2010

Brighton on my Blackberry

On a balmy summer evening, as I walked down the Brighton the distance, in the sun-dappled sparkling waters of the Brighton beach...shimmered the ruins of the Western pier...

There is currently only one functional pier in Brighton that is called as the Brighton Pier now...But the one you see, in this picture is the Western Pier...both were built in the mid nineteenth century..But the Western Pier was shut down in 1975 and in the early part of this decade was gutted down nearly completely in a massive fire . 
Many find this structure, eerie and desolate...I, on the other hand, find it interesting..To me this is the image of Brighton that captivates me most. These pictures were taken from the only functional Pier, the Brighton Pier( also called as the Palace Pier)
I was checking how good my camera on my new Blackberry phone is...and though I can't say much for the 2MP camera in low light, in bright sunshine like this day offered, I love the frames...

In the summer months, the sunset is roughly at about 7.30-8PM...the days are longer, sun rise happens by 5AM ( though I'm never awake to capture the magnificent hues of the sky) This picture is a favourite one of mine..The Brighton skyline on the right, the burnt Pier in the yonder..and the rails of the Brighton pier in the foreground...with sun dappled sea stretching out...
Ask me what I love most about the Brighton beach and I'll say its the pebbled beach sand here..just pebbles and more pebbles for miles...
And here's one final picture from my phone, taken from the Seafront of the old pier...The Brighton authorities are planning to pull it down completely and replace it with a swanky white apparition...I'm appalled...Even if this is a burnt-down Pier, to me it has history...and tearing down history so that necessary? 
If you'd like to see more of my Brighton seafront pictures - check here


  1. all pictures are brilliant!

  2. really lovely pics...

    Ramu can direct a movie Phoonk 3 on that desolate pier :)

    Have a wish to come and see Brighton...I heard it is quite pretty.

  3. Magiceye: Thank you..:)

    LP: Do come, we can finally meet each other..and I'll give you a grand tour of my pretty University campus too...:)

  4. All the frames are superb!!!

  5. Lovely.. i looowe the pictures. I saw a photograph of the burning pier at an antique shop in brighton. I would have bought it if it wasnt that expensive. It was pretty dramatic.
    I dont know if people died in the fire; and if that place is haunted or not :P
    They shouldnt pull it down :( we dont want apparitions, do we?

  6. Blackberry should feel proud of you.

    Brilliant captures

  7. Thank you, subu..Welcome to my blog..

    Z: My love, the pier was closed down in 1975 and when the fire burnt it down about three decades later, there were no casualties..There are no haunted souls looking for redemption..Although the romance of these pictures would be heightened with a thought like that, right? :)

    Purba: Should I try writing to BB and ask them to cut me a better deal? :) Thank you so much

  8. Sand less beach, eerie pier huh interesting facts about Brighton...

    Are the pictures in the link provided from BB as well?

  9. No Analyst...they were taken earlier on my camera...That's why it wasn't included with the main post..:)

  10. Beautiful pictures dear.. and as usual very well written ....

  11. You did well with a 2mp camera. I loved your pics. And am awestruck that the beach has only pebbles. I would freak out and start collecting them if I ever go there! Yeah. I am weird that way. :)

    Hopped over to your blog from a friend's. Nice! :)

  12. Nids: Thanks girl...:)

    Choco: Welcome to my blog...I have seen a lot of people just doing what you said you wanted to...but these pebbles are the huge variety and not the little shiny kind you get back in decorative landscaping in India...You'd be rattling around with all of them in your bag..:)

  13. Loved the first and the last pic! Hope you are doing good Deeps:)

  14. Doing very well, Sree...Don't get too busy, keep painting and posting them for our viewing pleasure..:)

  15. Nice photos.

    But its difficult to guess what time of the day it would have been it appears to be that of late evening.

    your link to additional photos seems to point to someother, but it does have 2 good photos of those pebbled beaches.

  16. Yes Zanil, you guessed it right, late evening...I'd kind of explained the setting in the tiny piece woven through it...The other pictures were some of the few that I'd taken the first time I ventured through the Brighton seafront..So the link was to just show some more of Brighton...they weren't taken on the BB so that's why wasn't added with these...Thanks for stopping by my post..