Monday, January 02, 2012

And as the world says 'Happy New Year'

And as the world says 'Happy New Year' to each other...our facebook, twitter and every other social networking page is spammed with similar sounding wishes - some cleverly worded, others reading like its been lifted off a Hallmark card - its time for another ritual..

What do I resolve to do in 2012? I had written a similar post in 2011 too...Last year's post was a tad filmi...Guess that must be because I was home alone in frozen Brighton with little for company than movies...This year, back in India smothered by invites to bring in the New Year with friends, I felt much cherished..wanted and appreciated. 

So the year started well...As usual, my parents wanted it to be the most smashing year to date in our lives - my sisters and mine and in a way theirs too, for we bask in the glory of our loved ones, don't we? And post script - they said once the wishes were over, it would be great if you gave (un)holy matrimony some good consideration too...That's the big bold point on their 2012 agenda..

Ok, let's not deviate, back to the point..So what's on my list..someone on my facebook list wished his friends   saying "I hope your troubles this year lasts as long as your resolutions". Wonder why resolutions are much maligned and deemed as those that need not be adhered to. Not sure whether it is symptomatic of behavioural OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, for those wondering) but having goals and deadlines and feeling them whoooosh by me gives me a weird thrill, just like how in school I was one of those nerds, who got an adrenaline rush as I read my exam question papers even if the answers didn't live up to the implied brilliance in the former! But I digress again...

So considering 2012 is going to be my 33rd year on the planet, I have decided it is time to get my Bucket List  out of the mothballs - youth and the feeling of having a lot of time to get to the boxes on the whimsical list earlier is what got it into mothballs in the first place. For those, who haven't made their yet, follow the link I have pasted into the Bucket List and you can go add some of yours to the thousands who have done just that before you..

So On Journomuse's Bucket List: 

1. I want to add at least three countries to the fifteen I have been to so far. If I can push that figure to five, then that will be a performance that exceeds all expectations.

2. I want the motivation and will to write at least three chapters of a book that has so far been hatched only in the head - it isn't like a book that is already taking shape secretly on my laptop. As of now, it only exists in shared conversations between my friends and I. Not a word has been committed anywhere to this project. 

3. I want to devote at least ten hours to something that is selfless - something where I am a nameless, faceless individual making a tiny ripple in a massive ocean called good samaritan. If we need our society to be pretty, we need to pretty ourselves up too, not just learn about what is true beauty. 

From a ten-point list, I have brought it down to a few 'realisable' wishes. I do not want my Resolutions 2012 to be as short or short-lived as my troubles. In fact, I want them to haunt me through the year, whoosh around me, torment me enough to force me to do it. 
And as the world says 'Happy New Year' in numerous styles and ways, I say, create your bucket-list, live a little, love a lot and let's make this world a better place to live in, shall we? 

Much love,


  1. I loved the way your pruned your resolutions to 'bite-sized' ones which can easily be chewed. btw. ten hours -- a day, week, month or year? :D

  2. :) Well, if I say ten hours a day, then that will mean being selflessly devoted to my employers who ensure 'my daily bread' on my table. A week is possible, but at the resolution-level unrealistic. I aim for the month and want to achieve it at least as a yearly target as a humble start..

  3. Welcome back journomuse.. good to read you again after your break.. good luck with your book, i am sure you will start soon. If it has haunted you enough already to make it to your bucket list and keep showing up in your conversations, it will haunt you to action as well.

    As for my bucket list, in fact i have been giving it a serious thought. If you care to know, here is a gist:

    1. With 2011 i let go of the anger and hurt towards one and all from all over the past 32 years of my being. I instead devote some structured time to my own spiritual growth. (from geeta and kuran to pacific institute and oprah - i soak it in from all kinds of life coaches)
    2. Do some good everyday, like starting a chain reaction. As simple as smiling at a stranger or saying kind words to someone who is upset or feeding your family or others with some extra dose of love.
    3. Give myself some due importance. Fitness, finance, wishes, family etc etc. I expect more from myself, from people around me and from life. And I stop settling for less.


  4. So good to read you again.Best of luck with the book idea.I have a long way to go before I can even think about it,though a book on dentistry is on the cards for now as that is my expertise.
    My one point agenda is fitness this year.I just want to run ...two days into the new year and I have kept the promise,hope will continue:)

  5. Spice Ballet: Interesting resolutions girl..and I hope you find the motivation to religiously stick to it..:)

    Sharmila: That sounds very do-able..In fact, pssst..running has been on my resolve-to-do-list which is a separate list from resolutions amply curved lard could do with some trimming..and I fancy running, just that I have it in my head that unless I have that really expensive pair of running shoes, my body will combust if I try running..:)

  6. HaHa..I too was eyeing this shoe for running and this pedometer before kicking myself hard this time.It worked and I go to the beach and run barefoot now.So far so good ,I keep my fingers crossed:0

  7. Your resolutions are different. Well, to be precise, hell lot different. I strongly wish you success in all three!

  8. Good luck with your resolutions girl!:) Loved them:)