Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Life in the City - Serialised

For a while now, I have been thinking about a change...change in style, format, layout..well those are merely cosmetic now, are they not? So now I think I have hit on an answer to get over the writer's stumble - calling it a block just seems more I say stumble..

Very often what we don't realise that writer's stumble emerges from the lack of anything new to say. Think about something interesting and it doesn't take over five minutes to have your thoughts translate logically from your head onto the screen - putting pen on paper has never been more obsolete.

Talking of which, I wonder if I'd even recognise my handwriting anymore? Except in those scrawls they call signatures, often shaky and completely out of character as they appear on credit card slips. And it's not just the loss of money they signify that makes it appear shaky. It is also that there is no clever art of penmanship there. A pen is just a handy tool to say IOU. I digress, as I always do...

So now the idea is to serialise life - not that everyday is adventurous..and unlike many twits that tweet about brushing their teeth or walking their dog, I'm not going to bore you with the mundane...But there is so much to living in a city...our interactions, our frustrations, private anxieties, petty peeves that I have begun to realise are pretty universal. Where I have a related photo, that too shall be added to the text. If not, I'll strive to leave it blank!

You might be wondering why I had to write a blog about writing a blog..well, call it practice of years - the curtain raiser is a must before any significant there...this is an announcement. Every day or every other day, I shall make this my private record and you shall be the fly on the wall in the life of a single, always ready-to-mingle girl out in the city!

If you find the ride exciting, join me and we shall discuss things threadbare! Nothing like a good debate to keep things exciting...Every post in the series, I'm thinking should be titled Life in the City. Otherwise how will it be a series? :)

Stay tuned,


  1. That would be wonderful. I will stay tuned for sure. Bring it on, girl!

  2. :) Thank You Z!!! Look forward to your inputs and critique! I just want to get into the discipline of writing...the more I do..the better it might flow..what say? :)

  3. looking forward to reading more of your posts :)

  4. My dear Deepthy,

    Trawl your FB updates. You have a lot of original musings there,
    which can provide the raw material to take off or weave into this tapestry.

    Also that beautiful B & W pic in some cafe.

    Best wishes,
    - Joe.

  5. Lazy Pineapple: Hope you find the time to read, would love to hear what you think about it.

    Joe: Will definitely do that!

  6. Here I am on blogger after months... and welcomed by a wonderful series. I am enjoying this, and you've got me curiously curious abt the Maximum city. A city that's largely unfamiliar to me, a city where I am a total stranger. Looking fwd to your Mumbaiyya tales... :)

  7. CoffeeCup: You are taking a break from all forms of social networks are you?? Do read on and tell me how you like it! Looking forward to your comments!

  8. Great to see you back online, even if I am 4 months behind... look forward to catching up with your travels and travails over the next few weeks.

    1. John, lovely to see you here. And look forward to your Indophile insights...:)