Thursday, June 14, 2012

Clearing the Clutter....

Mere Pyaare Blog Saathiyon,

This letter is to you, you and you, who read my blog faithfully - whether I'm spouting the inane or the profane or the profound. Don't worry if you don't follow me all the time, I don't either. (Shhhh..but that's a secret, let's keep it between us, shall we?)

My poor blog has been moaning and groaning, whining and pining...but I, like the heartless, cruel Cinderella's step-mother left it, untended - without even a notice.

I think that is the problem with being your own employer and employee...I can't crib about my Boss because that's me. Bosses are meant to be cribbed about, because it is usually their inefficiency that creates the pigeon-statue situations in life.. You know what I'm referring to, don't you?? Sometimes you are the pigeon, other times the statue situation! Bosses get to play pigeons more often than the employees...But then, what if you are the Boss..Unsavoury thought! So for now, let's leave that aside...

I can't crib about my commitments being neglected by my inefficient employees, because that's me too...I'm the peon and the maid and the content-writer and the accountant...And occasionally, just occasionally, when someone asks, I proudly don my BOSS hat..they don't need to know that the peon, maid, content-writer and accountant of the company hats have been neatly hidden under the BOSS hat, do they??

Last few weeks have been a flurry of hectic travel-  dal-roti ka sawaal and thodi si masti.....Ohh, and have I mentioned I have somehow turned into a para-dropper in my own life - which means, there is little slack time cut for emergencies, so when an unplanned travel or a hard-to-say-no-to assignment comes along, I'm usually just sweeping everything off from my cluttered table, making a mess of the floor and then sitting pretty on the desk, looking like I have all the time in the world for that task!!! Yes, I agree it is not the way to go, but I have been planning to get myself a time-day-week-year planner, which I haven't gotten around to..More importantly, once I buy the planner, Murphy's law is likely to ensure I have little to do..and empty pages on the time-day-week-year planner might mock my vella-panti or jinx my rather pretty flow of work/assignments...See, sometimes superstitions just sneak in!

So now, I have decided I won't make lofty announcements like Life 365 ( eating humble humble pie!) but shall try to implement a Life 365, without any baand, baaja or announcements!!

Talking of clutter, this afternoon - my first free one in about two weeks, I sat down with two of my favourite handbags - the ones that travel with me the most. I upended the first one and my bed looked like a disaster zone. And then I thought what the heck, and turned the second one inside out too...Here's a small list of what you could find in my bags -

  1. Mobile phone charger
  2. Camera/phone transfer cables
  3. Earphones
  4. Portable music player
  5. A 4GB flash drive
  6. My bulky sunglasses cover with the sunglasses and cleaning solution and cloth in it
  7. A notebook ( Yes, I still carry one around all the time, throwback to good old days of journalism, when I'd worry about having to take down a number or a quote and not having a piece of paper)
  8. Three assorted pens - (two I have no recollection of how they sneaked into my bag, I swear I don't steal...By the way, one does not have a refill in it!)
  9. A Book for the road...Currently it is Confluences ( For those interested in History and research, its highly recommended)
  10. Body Shop Body Butter tub
  11. Asda Hand Sanitiser - really possessive about my last bottle of cheap Asda maal! 
  12. Two pairs of earrings
  13. One broker bag-chain
  14. One stole ( For those times in the theatre, when you suddenly feel cold and there's this stole to save you from freezing to death)
  15. An invite for a wedding long over ( Don't know why I have it in my bag)
  16. Three boarding passes ( they serve as book-marks. All my book-marks sit pretty in a drawer at home)
  17. Two strips of tablets - Oakcet and Paracetamol ( not much of a medicine person, so must have forgotten them there after buying them!)
  18. About ten receipts for purchases ( note to self: Store them in a shoebox. Second note to self: Maybe no, why tally it up and get heartburn?)
  19. My battered wallet - the innards of this one is a disaster zone too, but can't be bothered to clean it up today!) 
  20. A tampon bag ( must in every girl's bag, I say, you don't know when disaster strikes you or those around you!)
  21. Two assorted half-empty sachets of tissues ( When I want one, I never get one..but they are there somewhere, now I have proof)
  22. One tub of Orbit chewing gum
  23. Two buttons - (one of a long-forgotten coat- I remember searching in vain for the extra one when the button popped and now, I realise, it had been kept here for safe-keeping)
  24. Assorted keys on one key chain. ( Keys include those tiny ones of locks for suitcases too..Can't figure out where the locks are though!)
  25. One bag of chana - ( I was munching on it on the plane and left it in the bag, half open - so three fourths of the content are loose cannons rattling about one the bottom of my purse) 
  26. Assorted ticket stubs - of a Malayalam movie seen last week, passes to Turkish monuments and a scribbled upon ticket - Im a meticulously note-taker, only to forget about them five minutes after the notes are written!)
  27. Maps - Istanbul, Aberdeen and Edinburgh ( This means the handbag hasn't completely been cleared out since September 2011!
  28. Toothbrush - ( Ahemmm, less said the better about how many I unearth after every other travel!)
  29. A bottle of perfume
  30. Hairclips and assorted hair ties - ( never find one when you look for one, now I know where they were hiding)
  31. A pack of tired looking wet-wipes
  32. A hand-mirror ( my most favourite one, because it is my Eiffel tower memorabilia)
  33. A packet of ear-buds ( Don't ask me why they were in my bag, beats me!!)
  34. A bracelet that has lost one stone ( so can't be worn till I replace the stone obviously!)
  35. The swipe-card to a hotel I stayed in Istanbul ( Guess I never returned it!)
  36. About fifteen battered visiting cards of people I met - ( I haven't carried one since August 2009, but I never refuse to take one, if someone so much as places it on a table next to me)
And now you wonder why they say a woman walks around with her life in her handbag! 

( On travels, I usually also have my little netbook, fondly called Reddy because it is Redddddd in colour and my passport wallet too)...More the merrier I say...

Have fun and I'll write in from the various ports of call, 


  1. Nice to see you back!

    Gosh, your findings reminded me of a incident which happened last week. Mom was here last week and was appalled at the color of my blue fasttrack sack(not used to carrying hand bags)which is still blue, but has turned a darkish shade of it, like the sky when it is about to rain. One look at it, and she commanded me to open the bag and empty the contents. And my my, what treasures we discovered then:-)

    The next treasure hunt would be when mommy arrives again :-P

    and hey I love the wonderful smelling body butters from body wash. Oh wait, I love everything about body wash :-)

    1. :) My mom is usually the one to insist on clearing the mess that my sister and I make of our bags. Don't even ask what all my mom has discovered! :) But I love this quarterly or bi-annual cleaning routines..there is such simple joy in discovering things long forgotten or misplaced..:)

  2. OMG..don't your shoulders/hands ache carrying this junk...oops junk for me. I have a friend whose bag is even worse than yours and I had once been a witness when she emptied her purse to search for a scrunchie...

    Waiting to see you..hurry up

    1. I start off very organised and methodical, 'important' things just pile on and then slowly and slowly the purse begins to heave...Have you heard that story of the milkman's daughter who started by carrying a calf across the river every day till one day the villagers saw her carrying a full-grown cow across the case with the purse is something just like that..:)

  3. Am still traveling and nice to read this one despite a hectic travel schedule:) Remiunds me of my possessions like yours minus the girlie stuff!

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment, despite your hectic schedules. I'd like to think of my clutter as 'good' clutter and not bad. Often my 1 Terra hard drive too finds its way into my bag, along with my faithful camera.

  4. Glad to read that list of yours.. now I can proudly claim that I am in a safe zone :). Just like the Pen without refill, I uncovered the pen cap that had a magnifier lens.. till date never knew, where the body fell off ..haha and then a dried bunch of flowers, that were fresh once upon a time, (a craze of roses) , some Naturo mango bars, nail polish bottles.. (God knows why, because I don't apply them but keep buying them and I think of the time slices that I will get on my long way to office).. Ha ha , Loved this write up Deepz..

    1. Hey Ani, so lovely to know you read the posts too..:) I did have a couple of dried rajnigandha once in my bag, dried and crumpled into charry bits..since then I'm careful not to leave them in...Ohhh and there was a time when I used to have chocolates till once, in the intense Mumbai heat, it just melted and stuck on to the pages of my diary..that was the end of that!!! :)

  5. Jisha Kishore Kumar14 June 2012 at 20:23

    Glad to see you back, Deepthy and just loved this post...reminds me of my handbag while travelling with my kids...stuffed with "kiddie" items with little space even for my lipstick and moisturizer...:(

    1. Awwww, I can imagine how that must feel..Actually come to think of it, I just realised I don't carry any cosmetics in my purse normally...hmmm, there was a time I used to have a lipstick case and a stick of I think the older I get, I can't even be bothered with that..:D

    2. Haha…looks like am the other way round…getting older and craves to look younger..:P Don’t know when I’ll upgrade my cosmetics list…..heehee…..but infact Deepthy, these foundation and such stuff doesn't suit me at all...also am scared if I perspire whether my nose and cheeks will look like half melted snow...haaaahaaaaa

  6. and finally you return...I wouldnt want to admit this..but I missed you :( I was trying to give you company for the 365, and you deserted me :( bag contains

    Check it out :)

    I loved your list though..

    1. Awwww, R, why wouldn't you want to admit you miss me?? That felt so so awesome...:D By the way, I'm mighty proud of you that you are doing one post a day..makes me feel like Life 365 achieved something worthwhile..atleast inspired a prolific blogger like you to take on the challenge and try long as the baton keeps on moving for a year, we can try for a ensure one of us posts something..:) Our secret pact, thik che?? ;)

  7. You don;t just carry your life, you carry the life of the world in it. Mine weighs a ton too, but ab main bilkul buddhi hoon and so carry many medicines in it! My DIL bought me a lightweight bad to spare my shoulder since she averred that the bag itself weighed two kgs! Talk of exaggeration! You are one funny girl and I am glad RM and you made friends on my blog. I love both of you lots. :)

    1. We need to do an inter-continental high-five on that...What the daughter-in-law does not realise is the lighter the bag, the faster more 'essential' things find their way into it..;) As for finding R...she's so much fun, kind of like a crazy yang to my ying, no?? ;)

  8. Gosh, what a list!! I used to think my handbag is a dumpyard, but I just got to know that it isn't really. :D

    1. Hehehe, this I think is a post that made a lot many bloggies feel better about themselves. So I bow down humbly and say, glad to be of service, ma'aam..:D