Thursday, June 21, 2012

Coffee Tales Poured Fresh!

So a couple of days of working out of coffee shops and don't I have tales to share with you -

This post therefore will be in the form of three vignettes - quick shots like nicely brewed espressos...


So there I was, trying to race towards a deadline - at yet another coffee shop, the one at makes you go Brrrrr at their pricing and even worse iced-offerings...but they have comfortably spacious nooks where no one absolutely disturbs you and so I think I like a few of their outlets.

The target was a piece of roughly about 800 words.
The time available - half a day.
The time flippantly wasted on Facebook, mails and assorted menu dilemmas - 1.5hours
Time wasted pouting over a very very very bad Iced Italian Lemonade - 30 minutes
Time left - Roughly 2 hours (that is if the project needs to be in the blue and not red as per cost against time calculations!)
Words finished 1.25 hours later - 250 ( Brain Freeze from Yucky Lemonade, Content Constipation from not  healthily ingesting the concept before beginning to abuse the keyboard of my netbook and general I'd-rather-just-walk-about-doing-some-absolute-velapanti!)

Each time I look up from chuckling over a cheeky Facebook post or a lovely blog post I strayed over to read, I'd see a pair of eyes watching me - kind of like with that 'where do I know you from' familiarity! So, highly immodestly, I must admit here, that I do (very very rarely of course) get these looks  from die-hard news fans or from people who think I look like a certain hook-nosed, slightly obese Hindi actress! And there I was thinking, Oh ho, my cover is blown, he must be wondering where he knows me from...Continuing to look busy, I pretended work!

This had been going on for about the first two hours that I'd spent at the Brrrrrrr....aaaa...with just about half an hour left for me to finish the deadline, a voice piped up from over my head -

Excuse me, can I disturb you?
I look surprised, as if I hadn't registered the presence yet, as say Yes?
Are you busy?
Yes I am, but go on, tell me
(Here the cue is, where do I know you from? or something along similar lines)
Ehhhh..see, I'm basically getting tired of waiting and I don't know till when I have to wait. You have been here for a while and I thought I'd ask you if maybe I could come over there and sit and maybe talk to you?
(* really?! goes the brain...he was all this while looking at a nice intro-line to start smarmy-talk?), I'm sorry, I'm swamped with work and a deadline. (*nose earnestly back into the document and fingers fly over the keyboard. Constipated content jam eases miraculously, thoughts flow in a straight gush straight from the brain kind of via blue-tooth onto the screen)

In under ten minutes - the remaining 550 words were typed, checked over and dispatched to the client and confirmation received too of the receipt!)

Bags are packed and out of the Brrrr....aaaa - who wants a smarmy chat up after an awful syrup masquerading as a Lemonade??


The second snippet is kind of gushy...its about how impressed I am with Cafe Coffee Day's The Lounge concept. I was at their The Lounge recently, which has a plush, relaxed plump sofas well spread out look. And the best part was their food menu. For once, your choice is not one pre-packaged mayonnaise dunked sandwich over another, that appears shrivelled within the glass cases that separates the coffee bar counter from the seating area. What you get is a cute tick-and-you-get menu filling form, along with the Menu itself. So if you are feeling adventurous, like I always do, to make your own sandwich or roll, then they let you feel good about yourself.

So I had a chance to say NOOOO to the bane of my life- icky mayonnaise and also got to choose a nice crusty multi-grained baguette, with a spicy mustard dressing for some Oriental Chicken. Clever cooking and even better idea, I say, of giving the customer, the option to choose their meal the way they want! For roughly just 20 per cent more than what you pay for a shrivelled, pre-packaged, ketchup-mayo smothered sandwich, here is art on a plate. I was so impressed that my greed got the better of my usual instinct to photograph my plate before I sink my knife and fork in. This is however, the remains of the day! :) A splendid working morning spent in a comfy sofa, overlooking a busy road - occassionally looking at harassed looking IT employees in and out of a techno-park nearby and chuckling at my relaxed work-day!

(Psssst, not an advertorial..just a happy tummy, yummy coffee - happy customer, ting ting ta ding)

When I was a fly on the wall - and can't help overhearing the earnest conversation -

Three wise men, sitting at a table near mine discuss health problems - one has hovering close to the danger-line blood-sugar levels and the other two believe the cholesterol menace is a far more dangerous existential angst. The common solution is cutting down on rice and potatoes!! None of them can remember how many weeks it has been since they have touched rice or indulged in potatoes. The sardaar in the group reminds his two friends how it is more difficult for him since Punjabis have 'aloo' in just about anything they can conceive of as a 'well-balanced' meal. Predictably, the discussion veers to age and it turns out one is 28, the other 34 and the third just touching 30!

And to think, you'd have thought these were post-forty cribs if not of those in the decades after that!

And now, here's the LoLoLoL bit - as the discussions continue, the boy at the coffeshop approaches their table with two creamy cold coffees, one suspiciously topped with cream or ice cream and two slices of double chocolate cake!!! Rice and potatoes are OUT, but who said anything about chocolate, cream, butter and tons of sugar??!! Right?


  1. seriously?? I mean, a guy seriously said that?? yeh aaj kal ke generation ke boys! hehehe :)


    I think seriously, there should be some kind of a ban on putting up such yummy pictures...and I just finished lunch groan!


    hahahahah! These guys sound like me...tell the world that you are on a diet and rush to the first ice cream parlour in sight ;)

    PS - You should keep working in these coffee of these days, when all sanity leaves me, I will leave the insane crowd at home and join you for a cup..and promise to introduce myself properly ;)

    1. I love the way you have segregated your reply just the way my post is split too...(giggle giggle) Yes, the guy said that and I wondered in hindsight, if he was embarrassed or whether he chuckled thinking how he smoked me out of the literally!( I don't want to name the coffee shop and give its lousy stuff unnecessary publicity, thats why I'm Brrr...aaaing) ;)

      PS: I have yummy pictures of a lot of things I'm not even teasing you with...You just wait, Ill tantalise you time and again with them..

      PPS: oh and if you want to join me for coffee at a coffee shop, just name the day..Ill ensure that you can chat me up as much as you can...;) That is till you get exhausted of chatting...I never do..;)

  2. is fun working at coffee shops. I have done it a few times and would love to do it again especially at a CCD lounge ;) Thoroughly enjoyed your post Deeps :)

    1. Yes yes, you must try the CCD Lounge..its next to the Panchshil IT park in Yerwada...I really loved the sandwich I was served..super yumm and I loved the way they served it..You know how we are so used to seeing those clingfilm wrapped stale stuff and still pouncing on them because we are hungry?? This was such a fresh treat..:)

  3. Wow! This reminds me of HOW LITTLE I visit coffee shops!!! Seriously.

    The first guy has some nerve alright. Loved the response that you gave him. :)

    Second vignette sounds wow! Didn't know such menus were available at coffee shops. Goes on to prove how often I visit. ;) Sounds much better than a sad, pre-packaged sandwich, which I hate.

    LOL at the third incident. I am one such person. :)

    1. Yes, galnxtdoor, head to a coffeeshop and meet friends there..sit around, chat and don't think too much about how expensive is the coffee..leave that to our mommy generations..:) Ohh and for the first times you go, stick to the muffins and the cakes..they usually never disappoint..:) As for the guy, I'm just embarrassed at what I thought and what it turned out to be!!! :D

  4. Hey, I liked the third episode most 'cos it reminded me of ME...these days I've cut off non-veg to reduce rice intake - want to shake off some of my "precious" lard before vacation) but pounce on chocolates and ice-creams esp. Cold Ice and B&R at the very sight of them ...:):)

    1. Looks like there are so many in the third category..:) I mean I'd probably do the same thing, but not while pontificating on what all I'm doing to remain healthy..that was the bitter irony of it are trying to be fashionably slim, so then I can understand the double standards, those guys are battling cholesterol and blood sugar levels and doing this!!!

  5. Firstly apologies for not finding time to meet you. Hinjewaid and hadapsar are like the north and south poles of pune :-) Are you in pune over the weekend too? Would love to catch up then if you have some time.

    And haha finishing those 550 words in 10 minutes, indeed what a motivation that proved to be isn't it ? :-P Tag him along everytime to have such short deadlines :-)

    Well, whatever were the remains, it indeed looked deleicious, ought to try that now.

    and god, just 30 and all those problems. Poor aloo and chawal, why are they always balmed when sugar, cream and chocloate always have thier way!

    Wonderful read as always :-)

    1. Hey no worries, Jenny...Probably next time....I am back from Pune, was there for just a couple of days on some work, some masti..:) And yes, you are right about what can ease brain jams..;)

  6. Little conversation over coffee can not do much harm should thank the poor guy actually!

    I prefer CCD to too ;)

    It is not surprising at all, that the dreaded lifestyle diseases have crept in slowly in youngsters!

  7. Hey Journomuse,

    Interesting blog, I stumbled upon it while searching for Ogden Nash's poem and dentists in Kerala! I tend to sit in coffee shops trying to write, but have never been disturbed by anyone, maybe an Indian woman attarcts more attention than an Indian man in a coffee shop! :) Or maybe in London, its just that people will die before making eye contact!