Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Theres something to be said about being without no options at all, that you start inventing new things to keep yourself busy… Just yesterday, I walked into a party , feeling miserable and down, only to realize that I was much better off than many around…We seem to be a generation of the walking wounded…We eat, breathe, live a life of little care, but is that truly so? At the risk of sounding melodramatic, is it true that misery draws all those miserable together? Maybe it does, because all my friends are lonely like I am…they are miserable, some even more than I am…so whats the point? The funniest part is none of us seem to be in any hurry to put things right…Is that because we feel age cant catch upon us? Is it because we feel we still have a good many years before the pressure of living in an exacting society will take its toll on us.. These phrases that the thirties is the new twenties….that you are just starting your life when you reach your thirties…Well, ask a conformist…a person who has lived their life so far, exactly according to what the norms have dictated…Studied till the age that the average guy studies, got a respectable job, not the best mind you, one that might not find him a mention anywhere else but in the conversations of a doting parent, and then, like the true darling of his parents marries and then has kids and devotes the rest of his life to bring them up…He will rubbish it as bollocks….atleast he will have a valid reason….arent we brought up to think thats normal right? So which means those who think the thirties is the new twenties are people in a minority…people who find they can express themselves better, people who have the resources to do it too, but they are in fact people who have missed the bus, willingly or otherwise…People who say they are happy to fight the world, but in their true honest moments, they seem themselves as Don Quixote, tilting at windmills, making ogres out of harmless buildings, living out a wholesome life in their imagination…never managing to make illusion meet reality….thats the tragedy… So wheres the conversation heading…I think it should head towards a debate between the haves and havesnots…like they say you have a husband, you have the kids, you have the acceptance of people around you of leading a truly stellar life…What do the havesnots have in contrast…well, they have the independence, the carefree life sans responsibilities….the freedom to be impulsive and then to take leaps of faith…So which is the rosier picture? Somedays, the trade off seems to be a devil’s bargain…


  1. Well, I for one, have decided to go with the flow! Cheers to life!

  2. Did you have me in mind when you mentioned "conformist" ... he he he