Saturday, December 29, 2007


If you have just a day to relax and then have to get back into the grind while around you the world is working out creative ways to spend a New Year weekend…well.. isn’t that enough to get acquainted with depression? Now that’s a rather strong word…so let me say holiday blues…. When we were kids we were taught about the ant and the grasshopper and how that the ant made merry in winters while the grasshopper had to brave it out in the chill hoping for some succour, because he had never done a day’s work to deserve a cozy and happy holiday time… My problem today is that I don’t know whether I am the ant or the grasshopper….I have slaved all summer, so that makes me an ant, but I’m still slaving through the winter too, so that should make me a grasshopper too, right? If it were a fair world that would mean that since I have slaved like the ant, I get to enjoy like the ant too? But no, the present is all about smart working…In summers too, if you learnt how to play the fiddle like the grasshopper, and then you cleverly managed your time and slaved a bit on the side like an ant, then you get invited to all the holiday time cheer and parties and fun, because you are the only one who can play the fiddle, coz the rest of the ants, never spent time learning to play the fiddle…so u become the glamourous grasshopper which is called to every do, so you don’t end up being cold or miserable on the harsh winter day….But you forgot one clause, Id written earlier…You have slaved a bit on the side like an ant too…So what about that? Well, that’s called smart portrayal of your image…On your social networking page, your personal profile should be that of a grasshopper, but your professional page better say you are an ant..For this world is not really kind on slaggers…. Ok, now..I think im an ant…I have the attitude of a grasshopper, but the compulsions of an ant, so I continue to slave….through the holiday weekend, through Christmas and New Year… So here I am, just two days to go to the dawn of the New Year, and Im wondering how to maximize my one day off…A late start to the day…not bad…but an empty kitchen…not so good…tv channels are boring, but wait…there it is…my best solution..a soppy romance that warms up even your frozen toes…So there im in my sweatshirt and pajamas..lapping up ‘A lot like love’ that stretches over nearly 7 years and LA and San Fransisco and coincidences and right timing that never started out as right...Now did that come out sounding right? Hmmm….Ahhh, its bliss, because simultaneously Im trying to figure out who the Ashton Kutcher in my life could be…Hmm…theres noting like a romance to warm up the heart and make you feel younger…Why men have such an allergy to romance flicks…Considering that in real life, many do end up doing all this and more to woo their women…then why do they get upset about the prospect of watching it on celluloid? Is that because they are not happy to do all that they do, to woo the woman, but have to do it coz that how the world is? That could be it, for what other explanation is there for women to complain that all that he was to me before marriage vapourised the day he put a ring on my finger? My wisdom for the day is all it takes to unknot the kinks in life is to just see romance unfold on film..Your brain is fresher, your heart beats faster, there is a smile on your face, and life seems in pastel shades…Ahhhh, bliss…. Ok…theres the calling bell going off…time to get back to reality…hear the irritating din made by carpenters in the apartment next door…look at the neatly spreading film of dust on the dining table and procrastinate on when to pick up the dust cloth and make the glass shine…And then theres the cooking to do…and my cupboard to be cleaned.. Ok, back to reality…But it was good, while it lasted…

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