Monday, January 07, 2008


The series down under is rapidly deteriorating, so much so that you end up wondering if cricket tours are about the game or about the politics behind the game... The happenings during the Sydney test force me to believe that cricket is played less on the field and more off it...The chess like maneouvres of cricket administrators seemed to be the deciding factor in the course that a match takes... How can Harbhajan be handed down a ban for 'racism' when there is just the words of two Australian boors? Is the BCCI really toothless to make their clout felt down under, or are there bigger monetary ties with ICC, thats binding their legs from leading the Men in Blue back home....after saying a warm thank you to the Aussies for their warm hospitality so far? We'll know soon enough what the deal is, but like many die-hard fans would readily attest, money has taken the sheen off the Gentleman's game...Whats the point in one team playing fair, like Captain Kumble said? Wouldnt that be called being dumb in our day and age? Anyways, like one really harried viewer who called in for one of our shows on Sunday when the Indian collapse happened...They arent Australians...they should be called Australiars.... Dont think theres any shred of doubt in the collective conscience of the Indian media that this is now war...theres no chance of a truce without atleast drawing some Aussie blood to avenge the treacherous defeat....You think my words are strong, well Im trying to mirror the industry's super slugs....the hindi media has won the contest hands down...english does not seem to rend itself to the emotions, cricket inspires in us.... Over this week, for sure, cricket will take up more time of the nation than a multitude of otherwise interesting issues put together...unless theres a terror attack...No TRPs to beat that... Eeps..I bring everything back to the TRP baseline, right? But what to do...Thats become the bottomline...the only definitive yardstick...thats redefined journalistic quality...

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