Saturday, January 05, 2008


BOORISH AUSSIES THINK THEY KNOW ALL? Imagine being in Australia, opening a paper of the Sydney Morning Herald and guess what you are confronted with? A piece that reeks of Aussie ‘sublime’ class….called A Class Act…..on guess what, the casteist overtones in Indian cricket…yes, you heard that right…the way the Indian team is divided into the Brahmins and the non-brahmins and how theres just one Muslim and one sikh in the cross section…and what more, a majority of the players are Brahmins…and they even have managed to get quotes from Indian players, ex-cricketers like Gavaskar, commentators like Harsha Bhogle, who I’d like to believe was as flummoxed as I was, to read how he has been quoted…as for Vinod Kambli’s quote, Im hoping he never said that…For if he did, I think he is doing a disservice to Indian cricket, which gave him leagues more than his poor and whimsical temperament warranted…. Imagine on a day when VVS Laxman took the fight to the boors called Aussies…they were busy working on a story on how the united India front shown by the team when they do the now famous ‘huddle’ is but an act…the so called ‘class act’ meant to keep the Brahmin unity, for aren’t they the preferred Indian choice….for the said ‘lower castes’ and the other lowly castes are a fringe minority….Did u as an Indian know that Yuvraj Singh was a Jat and Mahendra Singh Dhoni was a Rajput? Did you know that the rest of Indian team down under were Brahmins? Im not going to try and be a hyprocrite and say that caste system pays no more of a role in Indian society, but I know I speak for our country of a billion and more that no one would accuse Indian cricket of working on the lines of which caste the cricketers belong to….I can understand regional politics or even to a point economic stature… considering how proud we were of our Twenty20 heroes, most of whom belonged to small towns and even impoverished families… I still don’t know what Virender Sehwag’s caste is, nor do I think I care a damn, as long as he hits those lusty blows that had made him a must have in the Indian line-up not so far back…. Just where will the Aussie bossiness stop? Will they tell us the kind of biases we nurture too? I mean aren’t they the ones to talk about Andrew Symonds coloured background…or did the Indian media rake up his insecurities over his ethinicity? Is this the latest psychological warfare from an Aussie arsenal? If it is, its too petty to waste reams of news print, analyzing the caste breakup of the Indian team….Let them whip up a storm over the lack of sportsmanship in their wimps on field!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrr….

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