Friday, December 18, 2009


They said when I landed in Brighton..that it hardly snows...That I'll be lucky to catch a glimpse of snow, maybe in January or February and that too fleetingly for a day... I have never seen snow before...This is my first winter abroad....So I prayed and prayed for a chance to glimpse snow...Two days back, my friends in London wrote euphorically about the snowfall that happened there... And like a miserable wretch cursing her fate seeing her prosperous cousins flaunt their riches before her, I taunted Brighton and its sunny winter days for not wooing the snow...... Perhaps the weather gods took my taunts to heart and decided to let it snow...and they didn't do a half-hearted show...It was a mega production....A full-blooded snow storm...that painted my campus white.... The few remaining people on campus did indulge in some snow fights...and build a snowman or two...while I was busy clicking away my first experience of snow.... From a gently shy shower to angry an hour's time..the green grass disappeared under the white shroud.... I wonder if I will wake up to a white morning...If I do, I will add a PS to this post.... Meanwhile check out the album I have put together....Some pictures are sheer emotion...not techinically any great shakes...but I just couldn't cut them out... They are my first snow good or bad, they are special... These moments too are like snowflakes...You feel them as they hit you, you can taste them..but the moment you try to hold them...they melt and disappear... Now I'm greedy....I want a white Christmas....and snowman....and then maybe I'll close my eyes and wish for Santa and Rudolph to appear...Maybe like this snowstorm came visiting..they will too....I am the eternal optimist....:)


  1. Deeps: its not snowing london it was apparently
    i want to see it..maybe coz i want it, i might not get to see it..that's my worry...
    words from our chat happy that you got to see it.. :)
    .. and lovely badly want to be there ..

  2. may be its time to rethink and prioritise your prayers... and as they are being granted bigtime, may be i can sneak in a few of my own .... if the weather man is right (which he usually is in this country) your wish for white christmas has been more than granted... enjoyyyyy