Monday, April 05, 2010

Antique Hunting in Covent Garden!!

On my last trip to London, I had some time to kill. So I took off by foot to Covent Garden..

For those familiar with Mumbai, the Covent Garden Market is a beautiful, extremely well maintained version of the Crawford Market in VT. The structures look very similar...The Market layout is pretty much the same..The comparison unfortunately has to stop there...

This is an antique hunter's paradise...Some stuff is exorbitantly priced. I guess anything sells in the name of antiques....

Some others seemed to be having a cranky day...told me not to take pictures, I guess they realised I wasn't the kind to splurge the pounds...

The musicians in the open restaurant area were a delight to listen to....They make the atmosphere just so festive...
And there was just so much colour and tinsel and glitz to please my eye...

Coasters with the name of most traditional pubs in England...When I first landed here, I wondered why most of the pubs were named Hares and Hounds or The Wellington or weird ones like the Slug and the Lettuce ( Why would you want to drink at a pub named that??). In every nook and corner of England, you would find one of these. I realised later that these were the English way of doffing their hats to pubs older than their entire family history in their area.

These telephones, I have always had a fascination for them. The first telephone I remember at my father's house, was a big black one, even fatter than this, and it used to be such an effort to put your finger through the right hole and dial the number...If you managed to dial five numbers right, what a sense of achievement it gave!!

If I had had a dress on, I might have purchased a set of these to dress up for the evening to have a spot of tea with scones!!

The British know how to preserve their history...Guess they have been doing it right for a long long time....If you are in London and have some time on your hands, it's a delight to roam around this tiny market which has open air eateries and road side entertainment and a lot of old junk to rummage through...


  1. looks wonderful :) true British have preserved their history quite well. I am always amazed by the how all towns have magnificent buildings dating back to 1800's.

    I have a niece who is in the same university as you are and is involved in the Bollywood society you have mentioned in your comment. You are most welcome to come and visit me in Lancaster when you get homesick. The first year or two away from India is difficult after that you adapt.

  2. My favourite place in London! It used to be a vegetable market at one time. Naomi Campbell was discovered by an agent while strolling around that market at fifteen.

  3. Ohhh wow, thanks LP for the invite, knowing the greedy student that I am, you might just get a visitor at your doorstep wishing to explore Lancaster....and then you shall smile at me, go in and think to yourselves..'Ohhhh no, did I actually extend that invitation?'....hehehe, muchas gracias...

    Sharmila, wish I had known this trivia earlier...I don't think I was at my Bohemian best that day...The shopkeepers were hardly impressed with me to engage me in a conversation for sale, how I wish there was an agent somewhere there to lift me out of the academic tedium...:)

  4. liked the things on the tables....the books, the really really old phones.........but i always think....why would peple buy antique....and not the new one's...... :)

  5. Great post, reminds me of my trip to London in 2003



  6. Welcome to the new visitors Hitesh and Milan...

    And hitesh..the answer is kind of complicated..I'd say people go for antiques for love of the old, old things are fine things and you never know the kind of crazy bargains you can land up with at an antiques market..alternately you could be fleeced royally too...I think it requires some practise to scrounge in antique shops...but just walking around these places, for me is fun..and when my student budget budges a bit, I do splurge too..:)