Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Meet the New Words on the Block!!

I have always been fond of the English language. Ever since I was a child, an English education ensured that while I speak my mother tongue fluently, when it comes to expressing myself, I'd find myself reverting to English.

Now I have a confession...I am involved in lexpionage...Never heard of it? Well, time to get familiar...When you become a trawler of the world wide web and social networking sites in search of new words, that better explain certain new phenomena than the current words in the lexicon, then you too earn your stripes as a spy in the network of lexpionage. Did you know that there they are on twitter too?

churnalism n. Journalism that churns out articles mostly based on wire stories & press releases. 

I laughed over this one for quite a long time...It hit quite close to the truth...Although I have never had to be a churnalist, I know many...and it's not a very happy existence being a journalist like that...I thought it an apt description.

Here are my other favourites....

BlameStorming: n A method of collectively finding one to blame for a mistake no one is willing to confess to. Often occurs in the form of a meeting of colleagues at work, gathered to decide who is to blame for a screw up.

Threequel: n The third film, book or event in a series - the second sequel.

Cyberslacking: v Spending one's employer's Internet and email facilities for personal activities during working hours.

Thumbo n. An error made while using the thumbs to type, particularly on a mobile device keypad.

Cyberdisinhibition n. A temporary loss of inhibition while online. 

These are just some that have caught my fancy recently....More shall follow...

Ahh...before I sign off on this post...guess what Richard Branson made Playboy magazine into when he bought of Playboy from Hefner? A VIRGIN PLAYBOY ofcourse...

On that cheeky note....I shall go off to be flabbergasted at the smorgasboard of words that are out there to gobsmack me with their aptness and bouncebackability of meanings...;)




  1. interesting words keep popping up as we are living in the cyberworld :)

  2.'s always a learning experience to know about new words and try to incorporate them into your writing...

    As Mr.Bachchan once said "English is a very Phunny language"

    take care and keep penning...


  3. Thanks magiceye and LP..i love that about english that its an encompassing language...the permissibility of useful words into the dictionary is indeed great...

  4. Rinzu: Welcome to my blog and I appreciate your comments...:)

  5. What a lovely way to get that boring oaf off your back....

    I am a Churnalist....

  6. Hehehe...purba, shall share some other words that can only evoke a laugh out of newsmongers like us..:)

  7. HI...... just started blogging and came across your blog.

    Very informative and interesting post!

  8. Methinks they constitute crude cacophony. An insult unto the conscience, blighted ignominy to the muse.

  9. thanks Abha: Welcome to our world and do keep visiting..:)

    US: Realllllly????? I loveeeee new words..they help me convey somethings better...but i like the 'blighted ignominy to the muse' bit...its true for some good words, but there are some hybrids which make their momma words sound better, dont they?

  10. Hi there...enjoyed your article since I'm fond of words too..:)
    Btw, "blamestorming" is a good one..really needed in the lexicon considering how often its done!:P

  11. Thanks for the visit, supernova, till then here's another word downager n. A person who acts younger than his or her age!!! How many do you know like that..;)

  12. Hey some really interesting words to learn. Though I knew Threequel and Cyberslacking.

    Keep going!

  13. ahhh..really karan...that's nice..these words were new to me though I do happily use fugly and other slangs quite a bit in spoken english...:)

  14. You forgot to mention twitter and a whole new set of words that twitter has brought about...actually made a post on that had to cut down the twictionary as I was already getting too verbose on the post...

  15. Analyst: Welcome back...are you out of your 'postexam langour'? hope you didn't have to craft new words to fox your graders? :) And has the post gone up on your blog yet? Looking forward to twictionary..:)

  16. Yep..out of the post exam languor, which was gripping btw. Now looking at a really lazy stretch of about 2 months ahead and about the twitter post, it was one of my older posts...and the twictionary is hardly complete, I really had to slash it as the post length kind of kept readers's the link