Saturday, April 24, 2010

Voodoo and Corpses and Unadulterated Wickedness....

After a really really long time comes a weekend, when the day seems to stretch out infinitely with few deadlines and fewer 'pressing issues'. There has been glorious sunshine since Spring officially began and the update on my depression is that I only encounter it when I open my blogpage....But my wickedness quotient has been rapidly spiralling...and I guess my new friends here are very aware of my fascination for wickedness - albeit the harmless kind!!

But the very wickedness of wicked thought....thrilling!!!!

Today I want to tell you about some quirky and amazing stuff I received from my buddies here...They are the kind of gifts that thrill me the most..and this post is dedicated to two of the quirkiest things I got recently...

My friend from Finland wrote to me the other day saying she had something just right for me...And I was wondering what it could be...Turned out it was this!!

My very own voodoo doll...I'd say it looks like a blond man, with scars stitched all over his tiny body...But see right here, what it says, this little one can grow upto 600 times its size...Heres what the cover to it says :  Have you ever wanted to get back at someone so ba that it consumes all your thoughts and desires? Now you can channel that energy into the ancient art of Voodoo by growing and enchanting your very own Voodoo Doll...

The instructions at the back say that I need to put the doll in a glass of water for 72 hours to let it grow to its full size..and through the time that it grows, I can patiently wait with two pins with tiny pearl heads that is also part of the Voodoo kit and prepare to assault the little doll when it grows to its full size..There is a black heart specifically marked out as well as the right point on the head where the little pin can prick....Delicious wickedness....
I wrote about my latest gift on facebook and I had a couple of horrified "Babe, I hope I'm not going to get the worst of your ire" comments started streaming...That's when I realised "Oops saying that I have a voodoo doll makes me a wicked witch too"..

And right here it says, express your anger in a safe way. The Voodoo Doll is a perfect. No one gets hurt and no one gets arrested! (Very important ;) Does that appease anyone of my harmless instincts?

For now, it continues to hang on my corkboard, awaiting that one victim, who inspires me to poke a couple of pins into my little voodoo doll...

Meanwhile, I laugh every time I see my yellow corpse..

Yep, there he is, dead with a little x mark against his head....Place him inside a book and there he is the lower half of his body squashed to sheet while the upper plasticy bidy keeps everytime I pick up the book I'm currently reading, I see a dead yellow man peeking out of my book...Horrid thought? No way...not really...look at him...A strange gift to receive isn't it but I love it thoroughly...And knowing the book worm that I am, this corpse is going to be squashed time and again, in books detailing conflicts and riots, history and travel...

So there you go...I have a dead body partially squashed and a voodoo doll also...And next time you think you have been mean to me, wait for that sensation of pinpricks against your neck and heart...That's me practising my voodoo on you!! ( Wicked wicked wicked laugh...fades into the background) 

(Guys....for those not really familiar with me) This is a fun post...I do not have any intention of suggesting I am into occult or black magic or voodoo


  1. quite an interesting interest you hai :D

  2. hehhe...I like your disclaimer :P
    I want a voodoo doll many people who raise he angst in me.

    I like that yellow corpse...kinda creepy though...flopping like that..

  3. Rajlakshmi : Its an interesting interest and that's why I ended up putting the disclaimer which LP caught on to very quick..:)

    LP: Imagine my plight writing a term paper on Religiously Inspired Violence and placing my yellow corpse to mark the page and evertime I'd pick the book up, he'd make a wiggly bob with his head. :) Btw, I found out that this one is one of those strange humoured gifts that you can pick up at England@Home..:)Finnish friend not revealing the source of the voodoo doll or I would have sourced it for you. Apparently there are 47 similar ones n the series..And its Made in China!!!!

  4. Thats an amazing piece of sorcery you have. Since I neither have a Finnish friend nor enough money, can I buy 10% shares of your puppet?

    p.s. IMHO, you should change the font size of your posts.

  5. haha, never thought of turning gifts into money spinners...sure why not 10%, requests to prick foes entertained..but payment only in pounds please..;)

  6. hehe now i can claim to know a witch!

    wicked indeed!

    loved your disclaimer!

  7. really? yo u re not into voodoo ? naah - then you re no fun. :-))
    remember the song black magic could have it played while someone is reding this post...just for effect.

    there used to be this quirky serial - kaal kapaal aur mahakaal....i once saw a few episodes..and to my amusement...instead of trying uncover the myths surrounding these beliefs..they were actually promoting fear.

  8. Magiceye: Now I don't want to be subjected to a witchhunt so young, do I?

    Gyanban: I know that serial...heard of it from a friend who said their folks were like big fans of that kind of Amar Chitra katha on television kinds...and now thanks to hindi news television, theres enough sorcery and black magic to leave the ramsay brothers' films to shame...:)

  9. Our God's own country has a lot of black magic practiced in earnest...I guess, that's where the inclination springs from....ROFL
    I particularly liked the idea of the soak...maybe its aimed at dissipating the anger...take a bite and see if it tastes better after the soak!
    Thanks for the have a great sense of humour and you put it across extremely well...loved it!

  10. Yeah so true fact, I was so tempted to put in some sidey dialogues from "SrikrishnaParunthu", don't know if you have seen it where the vadayakshi calls out seductively to Kumarettan(wink wink) and then he slowly turns into a practitioner of black magic? And I remember growing up on so many stories of black magic when I'd go to my amma's tharavad in trissur...